New 6-Week Bible study starting 2 August @ 43A Twin Oak Avenue, Papamoa. 4pm-5:30pm.

We are a culture that has trouble making marriages work. This series is designed to restore some of what slipped through our fingers that day in the Garden of Eden and is still slipping through fingers on Oak Street, Main Street, or ‘Any Street’ where people live. This material crosses cultures, applies to all ages, and speaks to relationships other than marriage. Randy Gariss has presented these concepts to high school students, university students and adults of all ages and has had a great response.

This course is
*NOT ONLY for married couples. It’s for singles too. In fate – this material is most beneficial to those who have not yet married.
*It is NOT ONLY for singles. Nope, married couples can enrich their marriages through this course. It may be true they will wish they knew all this before getting married but still can improve their marriage by learning these truths now. It’s never too late! Plus, parents will want to have these tools to teach their children.
*Is DEFINITELY for engaged couples! This is the ideal time to receive this information.
*Is NOT NECESSARY for both spouses to attend. It is more beneficial if both attend, but one spouse receiving this information can benefit their marriage.
*Is NOT ABOUT gathering together to ‘share’ relationship successes or problems. It is our promise to you that you will NOT be asked to share anything about your relationship.
*Is NOT ABOUT anyone coming to counsel other couples/singles or to be counselled by other couples/singles. This is a NO COUNSELING ZONE for one another!
*Is NOT ABOUT getting warm-fuzzies and self-help gobbledegook.

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